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Premier League second round red and black list In the second round of the Premier League, the war died down. A total of 44 goals were scored in this round, setting a record for the number of goals scored in a single round since the Premier League has 20 teams. Let's take a look at the performance of the players in this round! Red list 1. Mane Winning the Blues away, Mane made great contributions and made the red Kaja score twice, causing the Blues who have not yet formed a tacit agreement to suffer a heavy blow. The unparalleled impact and sharp sense of smell made Kepa once again. "laughing stock". The impressive performance of the horse makes Liverpool the first uncrowned champion to defeat Chelsea in an away game since 2002. 2. De Bruyne In the face of the Wolves who double-killed Manchester City last season, De Bruyne relied on his own strength to master the overall situation and led the remnant team to defeat the Wolves. In this game, Tintin had a very wide range of frontcourt activities, frequently interspersed and changed positions, searching for Wolves’ ribs, making the Wolves’ defenders very embarrassed and unable to attack. Manchester City finally succeeded in revenge away. 3. Kane As Mourinho said after the game: Let me choose the best in this game, I will choose Kane. In this game, Kane showed his brand new side, similar to Benzema, Firmino, as a support center. Since Eriksson left, Tottenham lacked an organizational talent, and Kane’s inspiration suddenly made Tottenham fill the vacancy in this regard. With the arrival of Bell, the brand-new "BBC" first took shape, and then it's up to Mourinho's training. Big Red Man: Sun Xingmin Lemon fruit on the lemon tree, you and me under the lemon tree. While Sun Xingmin's performance made Tottenham fans excited, it also made Chinese fans sour. Four goals and three mid-range accelerated sprints against offside. The first goal is a superb treatment. With such a talented player, what can you expect? A glorious defeat: Werner, Ince Black list 1. Egan (Sheffield United) Sheffield United, the dark horse of last season, had one less player to fight shortly after the start of the game. Captain Egan mishandled the defense, leaving the team passive throughout the game. Sheffield United, who has figured out the routine, may only fight for relegation this season. Up. 2. MacKathy (Southampton) Although the responsibility for the big defeat cannot be attributed to the responsibility of the goalkeeper alone, the defense line led by McCarthy is really useless in front of Tottenham. The first goal is related to his lack of preparation after he did not decisively and hurriedly withdrew, ruining the team. A rare lead. After that, the goalkeeper and the defenders had too much space, which gave Sun Xingmin a lot of single-handed opportunities. He missed five goals in six shots, leading to a disastrous home defeat. 3. Kepa The goalkeeper is like this, a mistake is to suffer all kinds of verbal criticism. In this game, Kepa made a huge mistake again, and Chelsea had to speed up the trade of Rennes goalkeeper Mendy. At the same time, there is no harm if there is no comparison. On the other hand, the opponent's goalkeeper Alisson saved a penalty to seal the opponent, making Kepa even more embarrassed. The last 16 shots have been scored 11 goals, maybe it is the heavy psychological burden of 80 million that has crushed him. Back Pot: Lindelof The whole world knows that Linde is not good for his husband, but he still uses him. In fact, the Manchester United team is not in good shape in this game. There are too many unnecessary mistakes. Lindelof has become a target of public criticism. But it is a bit wrong to say that all conceded goals are his responsibility alone. Recently, many goals Manchester United have conceded are simply bottom passes. "None of the players in the pass prevention effectively interfered with the opponent's ball-holding player. The ball passed through the defense zone of at least one Manchester United defender without being destroyed, and none of the back-point defenders defended the opponent who grabbed the point. , Once or twice can be accidents, many times it can only be a question of the level of coaches and players." (I copied this paragraph but it is very essence, intrusive) Lay to win: Mendy A fan of the English Premier League with bad writing [谢][谢]

英超第二轮红黑名单 在英超联赛的第二轮中,战争宣告结束。由于英超联赛有20支球队,本轮总共168168彩票官方开奖网彩票官方网站进球44168彩票官方开奖网球,创下单轮进球数的纪录。让我们来看看这轮比赛中球员的表现! 红名单 1.鬃毛 赢得蓝军胜利后,Mane做出了巨大贡献,两次获得红色卡哈得分,这使尚未达成默契的蓝军遭受沉重打击。无与伦比的冲击力和强烈的嗅觉使Kepa再168彩票官方开奖网次成为现实。 “笑柄”。这匹马令人印象深刻的表现使利物浦成为自2002年以来首个在客场比赛中击败切尔西的无冕冠军。 2.德布鲁恩 面对上个赛季杀害曼城的狼队,德布鲁因依靠自己的力量掌握了整体情况,并带领残队击败了狼队。在这场比赛中,丁丁进行了各种各样的前场活动,经常穿插和更改位置,寻找狼队的肋骨,这使狼队的防守者非常尴尬,无法进攻。曼城终于成功复仇了。 3.凯恩 正如穆里尼奥在赛后所说:让我选择这场比赛中最好的,我会选择凯恩。在这场比赛中,凯恩展示了自己的崭新一面(类似于本塞马,菲尔米诺)作为支持中心。自埃里克森离开后,热刺就缺乏组织才能,而凯恩(Kane)的灵感突然使热刺填补了这方面的空缺。随着Bell的到来,全新的“ BBC”首先成型,然后由穆里尼奥(Mourinho)进行培训。 大红人:孙兴民 柠檬树上的柠檬果实,你和我在柠檬树下。孙兴民的表演使热刺的球迷兴奋不已,但同时也使中国球迷感到不适。四个进球和三个中距离加速冲刺越位。第一个目168彩票官方网站标是一流的治疗。有了这样一个才华横溢的球员,您会期待什么? 光荣的失败:维尔纳·因斯 黑名单 1.埃根(谢菲尔德联) 上赛季的黑马谢菲尔德联(Sheffield United)在比赛开始后不久就减少了一名球员。埃根队长处理防守不当,使球队在整个比赛中处于被动状态。搞清楚常规的谢菲尔德联队本赛季只能为降级而战。向上。 2. MacKathy(南安普敦) 尽管重大失败的责任不能仅归因于守门员的责任,但由麦卡锡领导的防御线在热刺面前实在毫无用处。第一个目标与他没有果断而匆忙地退出并毁了团队之后的准备不足有关。罕见的铅。此后,守门员和后卫的空间太大了,这给了孙兴民很多机会。他六枪未中五球,导致主场惨败。 3.科帕 守门员就是这样,一个错误是遭受各种口头批评。在这场比赛中,凯帕再次犯了一个大错误,切尔西不得不加快雷恩门将门迪的交易。同时,如果没有比较,就没有伤害。另一方面,对手的守门员阿里森(Alisson)节省了点球以密封对手,这让科帕更加尴尬。最近的16枪已经打入11球,也许是8000万人的沉重心理负担使他感到沮丧。 底锅:Lindelof 全世界都知道林德对他的丈夫不好,但他仍然使用他。实际上,曼联队在这场比赛中状态不佳。有太多不必要的错误。 Lindelof已成为公众批评的目标。但是说所有被承认的目标仅是他的责任是不对的。最近,曼联所承认的许多进球简直就是垫底。 “通过传球的球员中没有一个能有效地干扰对手的持球球员。球在不被摧毁的情况下通过了至少一名曼联后卫的防守区,并且没有一个后卫防守过防守的对手关键是,一两次可能是事故,很多时候只能是教练和球员水平的问题。” (我复制了这一段,但这是非常本质的,具有侵入性) 赢得胜利:孟迪 英超联赛的球迷写得不好[谢] [谢]



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