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There have been two hot spots in the sports event copyright market recently, one combined and one divided. Together, CCTV and the NBA have joined hands after a year; the difference is that PP Sports and the Premier League have two-way litigation.


On October 9, CCTV suddenly announced a live broadcast of the NBA Finals G5. After suspending the broadcast of the NBA for a full season, CCTV took the initiative to break the ice with the NBA; around the 11th minor holiday, PP Sports and the Premier League also chose to take legal procedures.

10月9日,CCTV突然宣布了NBA总决赛G5的直播。在整个赛季暂停了NBA的广播之后,央视主动打破了与NBA的僵局。在第11个小假期前后,PP Sports和英超联赛也选择采取法律程序。

The world's major events will be divided for a long time, and for a long time will be combined. After all, in the business world, there are no permanent enemies, only permanent benefits. CCTV and the NBA jointly handed in this homework, it can be said that the next exam of PP Sports and the Premier League becomes an open book.

世界上的重大事件将在很长一段时间内分裂,并将在很长一段时间内合并。毕竟,在商业世界中,没有永久的敌人,只有永久的利益。 CCTV和NBA共同完成了这项作业,可以说,PP体育和英超的下一次考试成为一本公开课。

The breakup between PP Sports and the Premier League caused a lot of trouble, which led to a two-way lawsuit. The court case is not good news for any party.

PP Sports和英超之间的分手带来了很多麻烦,这导致了双向诉讼。对于任何一方而言,法院案件都不是好消息。

The epidemic has changed the world and brought a direct impact on the copyright market, which will make this transnational lawsuit a self-talking situation. In addition, there will be a lot of wrangling in the definition of the amount of compensation and the payment of compensation. The two parties may even embark on a two- to three-year two-to-three litigation path.


Looking closely at this incident, on the surface, it appears that the changes in the market environment have broken the balance, and the copyright of the competition has entered the reassessment of the interests. The underlying logic is actually the fault of the "game thinking" of both parties.


The most effective way to solve the problem is to jump out of the small circle of zero-sum game and game thinking, establish a sense of community of destiny and win-win cooperation, and use "win-win thinking" to break the cocoon of "game thinking".


Let's look at the NBA first. In the past few decades, the steady pace of global expansion has promoted the NBA's commercial value has been improved by leaps and bounds, and the huge potential of the Chinese market has played a role in it. With the NBA and basketball as the link, relevant stakeholders in the Chinese basketball industry chain have also ushered in an opportunity for rapid development.


Therefore, regardless of the zero-sum game thinking that you have one more point and one less one, CCTV's rebroadcasting of NBA is a win-win business. With Morey's dismissal, the conflict between CCTV and the NBA has been eliminated. If nothing happens, CCTV will broadcast the new NBA season in full next season. This is exciting news for CCTV, the NBA, or every link in the Chinese basketball industry chain.


And PP Sports and the Premier League are now caught in a vicious circle of "game thinking". This has brought some impact on both sides. Obviously, the Premier League may be under greater pressure. The Premier League faces a huge risk of shrinking copyright value in China, the largest overseas market.


The decline in the commercial value of the Premier League and the reassessment of the copyright of the competition are both objective facts and industry consensus. The cancellation of the contract between PP Sports and the Premier League and the shaking of its own pricing system with the "cabbage price" brought a heavy blow to it. Forecasts show that the transaction price of the new five-year Premier League broadcast rights will drop sharply, and the decline in Premier League broadcast revenue may reach 500 million pounds.

英超联赛的商业价值下降和比赛版权的重新评估都是客观事实和业界共识。 PP Sports和英超联赛之间的合同取消以及其自168彩票官方网站身的定价制度因“白菜价”而受到重创。预测显示,新的五年英超联赛转播权的交易价格将急剧下降,英超联赛转播收入的下降可能达到5亿英镑。

Obviously, for the Premier League, the old termination is based on the imbalance of actual changes and timely adjustments, and the new signing is based on the imbalance of rushing to land after the start of the game. This will inevitably lead to the ultimate path of adjustment imbalance. The former has already happened, and the latter may not be far away-after all, the latter's cooperation is only signed for the current season.


Before the start of next season, the Premier League is bound to re-evaluate pricing standards and even re-look for partners. At that time, whether it is Tencent Sports, PP Sports or other media platforms, it will be a reopening of negotiations. It is not certain who will take over the new partners who will be rescued by the time, the old partners with deeper cooperation foundations, and the new faces who are running back in. After all, this is an interest-driven business cooperation, rather than an emotional lovemaking. Therefore, it is not impossible to make peace with PP Sports.

在下个赛季开始之前,英超联赛必将重新评估价格标准,甚至重新寻找合作伙伴。那时,无论是腾讯体育,PP体育还是其他媒体平台,都将重新谈判。不确定谁将接任那些将要解救的新伙伴,拥有更深厚合作基础的旧伙伴以及重新出现的新面孔。毕竟,这是一种利益驱动的业务合作,而是而不是情感上的做爱。因此,与PP Sports和平共处并非不可能。

For PP Sports, it is natural to understand from a broader perspective what “promoting the rational development of the market” is not only the rationality of copyright prices, but also the rationality of competition and cooperation, the rationality of game rules, and the development of the market. reason. Therefore, as a new generation of Internet comprehensive sports media platform with a high concentration of Chinese football fans, what PP Sports has to do is to meet the diversified needs of fans and users while also taking the promotion of sustainable market development as its mission and taking the lead in the industry. The structure and responsibility of the enterprise, let go of grudges, and build the market rationally.

对于PP体育而言,自然而然地理解什么“促进市场的合理发展”不仅是版权价格的合理性,而且是竞争与合作的合理性,游戏规则的合理性以及发展的合理性。市场。原因。因此,PP Sports作为中国足球迷高度集中的新一代互联网综合体育媒体平台,要做的是在满足球迷和用户多样化需求的同时,以促进市场可持续发展为己任。引领行业。企业的结构和责任,可以消除怨恨,合理地建立市场。

What's more, PP Sports has accumulated a wealth of experience in the operation of the Premier League, invested a lot in hardware and software, and cultivated an echelon of excellent commentators. Needless to say, Zhan Jun, who is known as the "First Premier League Commentator", has cooperated with PP Sports for many years; He Yu and other new commentators have also accumulated good popularity through programs such as "The Premier League Tactics Room". At the moment, what the fans miss most is probably the commentary of Mr. Zhan Jun, especially the fans of Liverpool.

此外,PP体育在英超联赛的运营中积累了丰富的经验,在硬件和软件上投入了大量资金,并培养了一批优秀的评论员。毋庸置疑,被称为“英超第一评论员”的詹军已经与PP Sports合作了很多年。何瑜和其他新评论员还通过诸如“英超战术室”之类的节目积累了良好的知名度。目前,球迷最想念的可能是詹军先生的评论,尤其是利物浦的球迷。

The change of platforms means that fans adjust their viewing habits. For the Premier League and broadcasters, it also requires a running-in process. If PP Sports and the Premier League renew their leading edge, for the above-mentioned parties, they can quickly return to normal.

平台的改变意味着粉丝可以调整他们的观看习惯。对于英超联赛和广播公司,这也需要一个磨合过程。如果PP Sports和英超联赛恢复领先优势,对于上述各方,他们可以迅速恢复正常。

To sum up, whether for the Premier League or PP Sports, compared with the case for several years, sit down and talk about how to better expand the market and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Perhaps it is more valuable.


The epidemic has already changed the market environment. All stakeholders in the live event industry chain should no longer stand still and speculatively short-sighted. Instead, they should re-examine copyright transactions and operating models more pragmatically and rationally, and build a live sports live broadcast in China with symbiosis and prosperity. Industrial ecology-from the perspective of the copyright owner, put down one's own body, self-interest and mutual benefit, timely adjust the copyright authorization model, treat partners and end users kindly, and become a more responsible market builder and cultivator; from the perspective of broadcasters, adequate Take advantage of channel flow, user scale, industrial resources, technological innovation, etc., to effectively enhance the brand influence and commercial value of competition copyright in the Chinese market.


After the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee Choong Khay, the sports director of Astro, a paid broadcasting agency in Malaysia, pointed out that the changes in the entire world are also forcing the broadcasting rights model to reform itself. “The correct model under the new normal should be more tolerant, broadcasters and copyrights. The parties need to share risks and grow together."

在COVID-19大流行之后,马来西亚付费广播机构Astro的体育总监Lee Choong Khay指出,整个世界的变化也在迫使广播权模式进行自我改革。 “在新常态下,正确的模式应该更加宽容,广播和版权。各方需要共同承担风险,共同成长。”

Time does not wait. This season is fleeting. Both the Premier League and PP Sports need to think about the future rationally.


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