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Whenever you enter the door when you play ping pong, you will feel like the protagonist in the idiom story "self-contradiction", in the embarrassing situation of the left-handed spear and the right-handed shield-inside and outside the stage, close to each other. Taiwan and far, leveraging and exerting force, forehand and backhand, impact and friction, fierce and steady, part and whole, self and opponent...This series of unavoidable but easily overlooked "contradictions" count down, true I wonder if the spear is better or the shield is stronger! At this time, if you have to defeat your opponent, you must first defeat yourself, master the spear and shield, and realize their unity of opposites, in order to become a true table tennis master.


   Today, let’s talk about the "contradictory" of table tennis——




Every point in table tennis usually starts with the ball in the table (short ball) and ends with the ball in the table (long ball). There are many different requirements for handling the ball in the table and the billiard ball. The former is light and smart, and the latter is smart. Resolutely, the former hits the ball forward, and the latter can be early or late. How to make a point shot have a beginning and an end without losing the opportunity from the beginning, and not at the end? This requires players to establish a sense of balance in terms of position, hand position, and center of gravity, so that they will not lose sight of the other.


Observe the position of today's top players when receiving the serve. Most of them are at a certain distance (about a small step) from the table. In this way, when returning a short ball, they only need one step to move forward. There is a calm space for the handle to guide the racket, and the advance and retreat are well-founded; look at their hands, most of them are higher (not lower than the table), so that when they reach the table to return the ball, they will not be hindered by the edge of the table and the return will be long When playing the ball, it is easy to take advantage of the force at the earlier hitting point, so that you can attack and retreat and defend. The distance of the standing position depends on individual circumstances, and it will change constantly during the back and forth process, but the height of the hand position is something that everyone needs to pay attention to during the process of dealing with each other. This is the prerequisite for both long and short.


   When they approached the ball in the table, many people were worried that they would not be able to retreat after going up. Therefore, the center of gravity did not fully follow up, the hips "dropped" behind, and the arms were stretched too straight. In fact, this approach was a bit of choking. First of all, after you return to short, whether the opponent can quickly and high-quality return long ball to mobilize you, the key depends on the quality of your rebound. If the center of gravity is not in place and the arm is stiff, it will inevitably reduce the quality of the return, thus giving the opponent More opportunities. Secondly, the key to whether you can return in time after returning to a short period of time depends not on whether your center of gravity is fully leaped forward, but whether your feet maintain elasticity, and whether you have used broken steps to adjust during the movement. If you achieve these two points, you don’t need to Worrying about the speed of retreat, on the contrary, when the center of gravity is not in place, the feet are often not in place, often because one step forwards, the station is "dead" and the flexibility to start again is lost.


   Then, after a few consecutive long shots, how do you go forward in time to catch the sudden short ball? One is that when returning a long ball, during the restoration process of each cricket, the body's center of gravity does not forget to meet the front, which not only helps to improve the quality of the long ball, but also conducive to the short return; the second is to make a forward save. Do not rush forward directly to the incoming ball, but move diagonally forward, so that the direction of movement and the line of the incoming ball are at a certain angle, so as to leave room for turning the waist to draw the racket when hitting the ball. Otherwise, if the ball is hit directly It's too late to get in front of you, and then move around.


Most people in table tennis know the principle of combining long and short, but in actual use, they should pay attention to the characteristics of the opponent: if the opponent feels good in short shots, he should take the initiative to send long shots and wait for opportunities to switch attacks; if the opponent's long ball is powerful Large, you need to control shortcomings and seek opportunities. No matter which method you take, you must use the situation in the field flexibly, and don't fall into regular changes unconsciously, because once the opponent finds the rules, high-quality Sending off the long and controlling the short is in vain.




In fact, those short balls that can jump three or four times in the stage are likely to be ineffective in front of a certain level of people, because the shorter your ball, the easier it is for the opponent to control the ball. The shorter, which increases the difficulty of your own cricket. Most of the time, half-play billiards, that is, a second jump close to the end line of the opponent's table, is more ideal. At this time, because the half-length of the ball is not short, it is difficult for the opponent to control the shortness. Even if the ball is barely used, its quality will be affected. The obstacles of the table are greatly reduced, so you take the initiative.


   However, it is generally not recommended to deliberately serve half billiards at critical moments, because at this time, mental tension is easy to control and imprecise, and if you are not careful, it will be a low-quality billiard ball that will be directly attacked by the opponent. The ball in the table does not necessarily turn better. The ball in the table that does not turn has its magical effect. If the opponent actively uses friction to increase the rotation, the return ball is easy to rise. If the opponent does not increase the rotation but just touches it, it will return. The ball doesn't turn, you are easy to attack at this time. In fact, only one point is inevitable for the ball in the table, that is, the lower the arc, the better. Of course, for beginners, the first thing to do is to strengthen the ability to control the ball short and increase the spin before trying more advanced changes.


  ——This article was published in the first issue of "Ping Pong World" in 2006


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