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Amazon's butterfly flapping its wings can cause a hurricane in Florida.


Recently, there has been a hurricane of "strengthening physical fitness" in the Chinese sports world, especially for national teams at all levels. In the past six months, from track and field to chess, from swimming to skating, whether you are a veteran or a rising star , All have to strengthen physical training and play their lives for physical fitness.


And that butterfly is the State Sports General Administration.


It fanned its wings on February 24 this year and released


In the National Swimming Championships, all the famous swimmers, even if they break the Asian record, they have to look at their physical fitness test scores to determine whether they can enter the finals. This policy instantly became a hot topic of public opinion discussion. This cut, the first in the preliminaries missed the final, and the chess master accelerated the sprint.


Use vertical vertical jump, pull-ups, trunk core strength, 30-meter sprint, 3000-meter run and other items to measure swimmers, and compare physical fitness test results with performance in the swimming pool. Running is not good, and you cannot enter the swimming finals. This has the meaning of magical realism.


As Wang Jian Jiahe mentioned in an interview, "We are water projects after all, and onshore projects are not very good."


The physical fitness test was the first common method used in the selection of soldiers.


During the Warring States Period, after the reform of Wei Guo Li Li, warfare capabilities increased significantly. There are historical records of them passing physical fitness tests to select elite "Wei Wuzu".


In those days, candidates had to wear "three-layered armor", a hard bow that would take hundreds of catties to pull apart, a quiver with fifty arrows, plus a shield, iron helmet, and saber. As well as three days of rations, the difficulty of walking a hundred miles in half a day can be imagined. Such a physical fitness test can be called a hell mode.


Conscriptions of various countries in the ancient world also had different levels of physical fitness tests, and this tradition has continued to this day. Now friends of the world can find physical fitness tests for military forces around the world, so I won’t go into details.


Our country’s current physical fitness tests in the sports world and the private sector originate from the Soviet Union.


In 1954, the former State Sports Commission responded to Chairman Mao Zedong’s call to "Develop sports and enhance the people's physical fitness" and followed the Soviet Union's physical exercise standards and promulgated the interim regulations on the "Preparatory Work and National Sports System".


Later, with the development of the times, these standards have also advanced with the times, and the militarization of them has faded, but the tradition of officially designated training standards is still there.


Everyone knows the qualification system for qualifying physical fitness tests in the Chinese football and basketball professional leagues, and there are physical fitness tests in various competitions around the world.


For example, the NBA and NFL will conduct systematic tests on rookies to better grasp the data of athletes. Football clubs also use different physical fitness testing methods when introducing new players. Many teams also have their own special physical fitness testing methods. After all, the famous YOYO physical test in Chinese football was made by Europeans, but they are far from the "hard lever" that we use to regard physical fitness test as an induction or competition.


In order to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics, the General Administration of Sport of China required "further strengthen basic physical training and complement physical weakness."


In the recent physical fitness test of the National Weightlifting Championships, the 36-year-old veteran and Olympic champion Lu Xiaojun expressed the voice of many members of the national weightlifting team: "Through the core strength and physical fitness system training in the first half of the year, I feel very relaxed for this physical fitness test... The core strength of the hip joint has been increased, which has greatly helped me in the special project, and the stability of the jerk and jerk is significantly improved."


Obviously, strengthening basic physical fitness can improve the physical function of athletes and also provide protection for the performance of special skills and tactics. There is nothing wrong with "evil supplementing and training".

显然,加强基本身体素质可以改善运动员的身体机能,也可以为特殊技能和战术的表现提供保护。 “邪恶的补充和训练”没有错。

However, different competitive sports have their own focuses. Sprinters look for muscle power, gymnasts rely on the comprehensive ability of skill and flexibility, and chess and card players need long-term high concentration ability.


At the end of May this year, sprinter Su Bingtian had a headache because of the 3,000-meter physical fitness test. The Chinese sprinter 3,000-meter handed in a report of 13 minutes and 38 seconds. Self-deprecating should be a failure. This result is probably only up to Men's standard for ordinary high school students.


Su Bingtian is one of the few people of the yellow race who can get ten seconds into a hundred meters, while sprinting focuses on explosiveness and sprinting power. On the contrary, long-distance running pays more attention to endurance and uses completely different muscle groups. Even "Lightning" Bolt can't be good at long-distance running. He himself said that he would choose to surrender directly over 800 meters. The muscle group and training mode of sprinters are not suitable for long-distance running.


In the women's vault finals of the National Gymnastics Championships, due to too many athletes who were eliminated in the physical fitness test, only five people entered the finals (normally eight). As a result, some young athletes who had no performance pressure (at least the top five) took extremely low degree of difficulty.


Coincidentally, chess, which is slightly unpopular in China, has also caused heated discussion because of physical testing. This year's Elephant League introduces physical fitness tests for the first time, specifically including 1,000-meter running, standing long jump, sitting and forward bending.

巧合的是,由于物理测试,在中国不太受欢迎的国际象棋也引起了热烈的讨论。今年的大象联盟(Elephant League)首次引入了体能测试,特别是1,000米的跑步,站立跳远,坐姿和向前弯曲。

I can't imagine the scene of a chess player who usually sits in suits and leather shoes galloping on the track. If chess players also needed physical tests in the past, our chess Saint Nie Weiping might have been crying on the track.


It can be seen from this that most professional athletes have a certain degree of difficulty in adapting to the ten basic physical fitness tests mentioned in the "Notice". If a one-size-fits-all rule is adopted to influence the process and results of the game, such an operation is indeed a bit simple and crude.


Affected by the epidemic before, the event has been suspended for a long time, and every game after the recovery is a rare training opportunity for athletes. Judging from the current situation, if the physical fitness test is a factor, the competition rules of various seasons have been repeatedly complained, and the athletes have also reported that the assault enhancement physical fitness and training rhythm are not well matched, and the recurrence of old injuries affects preparations. These problems cannot be solved, and the strange phenomenon of "the first being eliminated in the preliminaries" will still appear.


The original intention of improving physical fitness is good. Zhou Jihong, chairman of the Chinese Swimming Association, also believes that the purpose of adding basic physical fitness tests in the competition is to make up for the shortcomings of Chinese athletes and improve the competitiveness of Chinese swimmers in the world.




With regard to the development of sports events, policy formulations must not think everything out, and do a comprehensive, scientific, and long-term plan. It is also lazy to implement a "one size fits all" in implementation.


In the early years, Chinese football's 12-minute run and YOYO test were also very good in their original intentions. Many players and clubs suffered greatly in order to strengthen their physical fitness. What is the effect of unscientific physical fitness test? Chinese football also gave us the answer.


More than two months ago, Meituan CEO Wang Xing complained about the physical inability of the national football team to be unable to run through ordinary boys in Tsinghua, which attracted dissatisfaction and counterattack from insiders and ordinary fans in the football circle.


There is no need for the athletes and students mentioned by President Wang to be the opposite. In fact, students now have to face the test of physical fitness.


Let me take myself as an example. When I was in elementary school, there were desperately boring physical fitness test items in the middle school entrance examination. The daily morning jogs in high school were miserable. After the physical fitness test in college, I couldn’t get my diploma... You Go online and search for college physical fitness tests, and the content of Tucao will fill the entire screen.


I still remember the time when I jumped up and down on a wooden box, and when I became a dog, I measured my heart rate data. Fortunately, I usually run a lot as a midfielder, otherwise I may not be able to pass every time.


Some students with special circumstances have difficulty in completing these physical examination standards. It’s not that it’s wrong, but that it’s unscientific, and the specific standards don’t vary from person to person.


It is not wrong for the sports department to introduce a guiding policy for the physical fitness of students or to improve the physical level of athletes. However, it is overcorrected to use physical fitness test results to determine the outcome of the game and determine whether professional sports mobilization can be employed.


Otherwise, it's just a modern version of "The King of Chu has a thin waist and many starve to death in the palace".


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