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   During the National Day holiday, Li Weifeng airborne to Shenzhen to attend a commercial endorsement event. His itinerary was very tight, and the total time spent in Shenzhen was less than 24 hours. Coincidentally, on this day a year ago, on October 3, 2019, Li Weifeng was in danger and decided to take on the responsibility of leading Tianjin Tianhai to complete relegation when the last five rounds of the league were left.


   The last time I met with Li Weifeng was in Tianjin in May 2013. After 7 years, the author saw Big Tou again and found that his appearance had not changed much. He insists on running and playing a round of golf every week to keep his figure very well-proportioned, without any deformation or distortion, and even pulling up his physical fitness, he can play at any time; and his sharp edges and corners are not angry. Wei's "general face" seems to have resisted the destruction of time, still handsome and heroic.


  The impression of Li Weifeng, the corners of his mouth are always stubbornly squeezed, and when his brows are frowned and his eyes are swept out sharply, it will make people shudder; he is domineering on the court, making his opponents intimidated. If he was born in a war era, Li Weifeng would definitely be a general. Even if he was born in a peaceful and prosperous age, he still has a general heart. Destiny’s hands that overturned the clouds and rains pushed him to the forefront again and again. Tests and tribulations were often used in a two-pronged way. He would inevitably suffer from his will and his muscles, and when the sky fell, Li Weifeng was able to fulfill his mission because he has " But let the Dragon City Feijiang stay, and don't teach Huma Duyin Mountain's general temperament.


Under the flickering lights of the coffee bar, Li Weifeng drank Mocha while recalling the past days when stars and dust were intertwined, and talked about the "three ins and three outs" in Tianjin Quanjian’s period after his gorgeous turn. The personal experience before and after Tianhai's dissolution, as well as his life experience after entering the age of no doubt. Unexpectedly, this man in the Chinese football field, after going through a thousand sails, the two most insights are "put down".



   During his time as a fresh-clothed raging horse player, Li Weifeng was the “big brother” of Chinese football who did his part. He is a big head and the only player in China who has competed in the World Youth Championships, Olympic Games and World Cup. This character star full of stories and controversy on and off the field, if put to the present, is definitely a "flow responsibility": he kneeled to comfort his father after scoring a goal in the top ten matches; I don’t know how many times he was on the court. He had a bloody fight and the broken nose bone has not been corrected so far; he has performed "throat lock" on South Korea and Japan international footballers; in the predicament of the club's salary arrears for 8 months, he and Shenzhen Jianlibao teammates Won the Chinese Super League championship and the AFC Champions League third place; he was also labeled as "Ballmaster" and "Big Brother".


   Li Weifeng gave his best years to the Green Field, those days when the stars were shining, although beautiful but easy to pass away, he was young, though strong but easy to break. At the age of 37, Li Weifeng, who has become more and more physically and mentally tempered, completed a gorgeous turn and transformed from a player to a club manager.

李伟峰在绿地上度过了最美好的时光,那些日子虽然星星灿烂,尽管美丽但容易逝世,但他年轻,虽然坚​​强但容易折断。在37岁的李玮峰(Le Weifeng)的身体和精神上变得越来越脾气暴躁,他完成了一次华丽的转身,从一名球员转变为一名俱乐部经理。

   As a public figure, Li Weifeng has been in an opaque world over the years, accepting the public's attention with a transparent attitude. His strengths and weaknesses are all under the spotlight and there is nowhere to hide. Does Li Weifeng after the transformation have a false name and cannot be reused? Is he really a domineering ball master? Does he have leadership qualities? For these questions, time has given answers one by one: No matter what kind of role, Li Weifeng has been active in the front line, and has been given the opportunity to be entrusted with important tasks.


   In the 2016 season, Li Weifeng transformed from a professional player to a club manager. He served as the deputy general manager of Tianjin Quanjian Club and was responsible for the signing of the team. In that winter window, Li Weifeng introduced Sun Ke, Zheng Dalun, Zhang Lu, Zhang Xiuwei, Yan Zihao, Liu Yiming, Zhao Xuri and other players with considerable strength and potential for Tianjin Quanjian. That year, Tianjin Quanjian won the top spot in the first five rounds of the Chinese League, and then suffered seven rounds of invincibility. The coach Rusenberg was dismissed from get out of class and Li Weifeng was also transferred from the first team. This was his first time in Quanjian’s period. Times in and out.


   In the second half of the 2016 season, Cannavaro replaced Luxemburg. After leading the team to surpass, Cannavaro found the club chairman Shu Yuhui and made a request: let Li Weifeng return to the team to assist him. The big head recalled: "At the team's celebration party, the boss asked me to follow the old card (Cannavaro) tomorrow and continue to be the club's vice president and team leader." In the 2017 season, Cannavaro led the team to achieve After finishing third in the Chinese Super League and qualifying for the AFC Champions League, Ka Shuai resigned and moved to Guangzhou Evergrande. Shu Yuhui once again removed Li Weifeng from the first team. "At that time, Quanjian Group established a new sports sector, let I comprehensively manage men's football, women's football, volleyball and table tennis." This is Li Weifeng's two-in and two-out during the Quanjian period.

在2016赛季下半年,卡纳瓦罗取代了卢森堡。带领球队超越后,卡纳瓦罗找到了俱乐部主席舒玉辉,并提出了要求:让李伟峰回到球队协助他。大个头回忆说:“在车队的庆祝晚会上,老板让我明天跟随旧卡(Cannavaro)继续担任俱乐部的副总裁和车队负责人。”在2017赛季,卡纳瓦罗(Cannavaro)带领球队取得成就。在中国超级联赛中获得第三名并获得亚冠联赛冠军后,卡帅辞职并搬到了广州恒大。舒玉辉再次将李伟峰从一线队中撤出。 “当时,全建集团建立了一个新的体育部门,让我全面管理男子足球,女子足球,排球和乒乓球。”这是李伟峰在全剑时期的进进出出。

   One day in April 2018, when Li Weifeng was walking a dog near his home, he received a call from Shu Yuhui, asking him to return to the team the next day and complete the work handover with Ding Yong, who was then the team leader. Li Weifeng is once again fully responsible for the management of the first team. In January 2019, the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau hosted the Quanjian Club. The team was renamed Tianjin Tianhai. Yu Genwei replaced Li Weifeng as the head of the first team. This was Li Weifeng’s three-in and three-out during the Quanjian period.

2018年4月的一天,李伟峰在家附近walking狗时,接到舒玉辉打来的电话,要求他第二天回到团队并与当时的团队负责人丁勇完成工作交接。 。李伟峰再次完全负责一队的管理。 2019年1月,天津市体育局主办了全健俱乐部。球队更名为天津天海。于根伟接替李玮峰担任一线队长。这是李伟峰在全剑时期的三进三出。

   One year ago, when Tianjin Tianhai was deep in the relegation zone of the Super League, the Tianjin Sports Bureau handed over the responsibility of "fire fighting" to Li Weifeng, who had previously been "three in and three out" and could not fall under any pressure like the "Tumbler". Li Weifeng did not hesitate, he decided to accept the mission.




"It's a coincidence. On today last year, I took over the Tianjin Tianhai team and led the team in the last five league rounds. They achieved two wins, one draw and two losses, which suppressed the Shenzhen team's success in relegation." Li Weifeng said calmly and lightly. It was actually a thrilling experience.


   On October 3, 2019, Li Weifeng took over the mess of Tianhai. The team was in the relegation zone. The coach Park Chung-kyun sent Song Boxuan and Mi Haolun to the reserve team and imposed a "three stop" penalty on Pei Shuai. Moreover, Park Chung-kyun and Alan and Renaldinho were the two main foreign aids. There are also problems with communication. After Li Weifeng became the team leader of the coaching staff, he must not only find ways to improve the combat effectiveness of the team, "put every player in the most suitable position", but also "organize and solve all the contradictions existing in the team." ." Things big and small are enough to make Li Weifeng feel devastated.

2019年10月3日,李伟峰接管了天海一团糟。球队在降级区。教练朴钟均派宋伯轩和米浩伦到预备队,并对裴帅处以“三站式”罚款。此外,朴正均,艾伦和雷纳尔迪尼奥是两个主要的外援。沟通也存在问题。李玮峰出任教练组组长后,不仅要找到提高团队战斗力的方法,“把每个球员都放在最合适的位置”,而且要“组织解决矛盾中的所有矛盾”。球队。” “大大小小的事情足以使李玮峰感到沮丧。

   Actually, Li Weifeng could have stayed in his comfort zone, so why bother to take this "hot potato" at the risk of ruining his reputation? However, when the director of Tianjin Sports Bureau handed over the responsibility of leading the team to relegation to Li Weifeng, Datou decided to accept the mission. He even made this important decision without telling his wife and mother. Two days later, his mother still saw it. News report.


The two most important women in Li Weifeng’s life both strongly opposed him to take over the team. This is the news that the old mother will definitely get her hands when sewing clothes, and also the news that the plate that his wife is holding will fall. The worry is: "If you demote the team, your reputation will be ruined. At that time, no one will remember the hard work you put into this team."


   Li Weifeng's general heart drove him to come forward at a critical moment, "What I have to do is to carry the team down. This team cannot be dropped in my hands. Keep the fire!"



   After the end of last season, Alan and Thunderbird, two foreign players on loan from the Tianhai team, sighed: The arrival of Li Weifeng made their faces smile. Regarding this kind of evaluation, Li Weifeng said that he hadn't thought of it at all, "because I will be aggressive to them."


   During the lead time, there was a video of Li Weifeng screaming in the locker room and was popular on the Internet. On November 15 last year, Tianhai lost to TEDA 3-4 in a warm-up match. After the match, Li Weifeng expressed his dissatisfaction in the locker room with anger, "After the ball was thrown, he was still laughing. , I think we are playing here. The relegated team, the team that wants to survive, if the team now accumulates 35 points and you play casually, just this point, don't we still die?" Li Weifeng reprimanded: "Life is scattered, You are also loose in kicking. It's so easy to lose a goal. How hard is it for you to score a goal!" His tone became more and more severe, and the decibels of his voice were getting higher and higher: It is not good to develop bad habits, you know? Why can't we hold it? Always get the ball first, can't hold it! Life management plus training management equals victory in the game, you know? When Li Weifeng spoke, the team members lowered their heads one by one, not daring to look directly into his eyes.

在准备期间,更衣室里放着一段李伟峰尖叫的视频,在互联网上很受欢迎。去年11月15日,天海在一场热身赛中输给了TEDA 3-4。赛后,李伟峰在更衣室里愤怒地表达了自己的不满,“丢球后,他还在笑。我想我们在这里踢球。那支降级的球队,想生存的球队,如果球队现在累积了35分,你随便玩,就在这点上,我们还不死吗?”李伟峰谴责道:“生活零散,踢脚也很松懈。丢球很容易。进球很难!”他的语气越来越严厉,声音的分贝越来越高:养成不良习惯不好,你知道吗?我们为什么不能举行它?总是先拿到球,不能握住它!生命管理加上培训管理等于游戏中的胜利,您知道吗?李玮峰讲话时,队员们一头一头低下,不敢直视他的眼睛。

   Li Weifeng recalled that this video did not capture the part where he smashed the kettle angrily. He was dissatisfied that the team couldn't keep the result when the ball was advanced and was finally reversed by the opponent. Although this was just a warm-up match, he could not accept this process. But after the game, Mi Haolun asked him that he wanted to drive away first. This sentence became the fuse for Li Weifeng's madness, "It's okay that he didn't say this. Once I finished speaking, I became angry and kicked like this. This and that." At that time, the players were about to leave the court. Li Weifeng called them all back to the locker room. He angrily threw a hot pot on the ground, "Everyone is stupid, no one dares to speak." Li Weifeng returned Said to the players: "You have to take your own responsibilities to play well. If you don’t talk about responsibility or loyalty, you won’t play any team! The team is so difficult, if you can relegation, you will be in any team in the future. The team will be taken a high look!"


In the management of the team, Li Weifeng has both kindness and power. In order to stimulate Alan's state, he once took the initiative to talk to the foreign aid loaned from Evergrande: "I said to Alan, you want to leave Tianjin gracefully. Or do you walk in disarray? You have to prove to your old boss here that you can have a place in Evergrande."


   In the last five rounds, each game was a tough battle of wits and courage. It was thrilling, like walking on thin ice. Li Weifeng not only used his brain to improve the team's combat effectiveness, but also worked hard on the emotional management of the players.


   When leading the team to train, Li Weifeng is not only a coach, but sometimes also acts as a "black whistle". This is his intention. "I consciously blow the black whistle during training, so I want to see the reaction of the players. When I see some of them are very excited, very impatient, and have a lot of fighting moves, emotional out of control, I will let them know, If there is such a reaction in an official game, it will be taken or even sent off. When you are sent off, what responsibilities do you have for the team, what responsibilities do you have for your teammates, and your investment What responsibility do people bear?"

在带领团队训练时,李伟峰不仅是教练,而且有时还充当“黑哨”。这是他的意图。 “我在训练过程中有意识地吹响了黑哨,所以我希望看到球员的反应。当我看到其中一些球员非常兴奋,非常不耐烦,并且有很多打架动作,情绪失控时,我会让他们知道,如果在正式比赛中有这样的反应,它将被采取甚至被遣散。当您被遣散时,您对团队负有什么责任,您对队友负有什么责任以及您的投资人们要承担什么责任?”

   In the end, Li Weifeng fulfilled his mission and led the team to complete the task of relegation. To



   Li Weifeng never thought of it. After leading the team to relegation, what he waited for was the fate of the team's dissolution.


   On the sixth day of the new year of this year, Li Weifeng and 26 team members assembled at the Hongta base in Kunming and began preparations for winter training. Subsequently, the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the farce of Tianhai transfer gave Li Weifeng a sense of loss of control for the first time. "During that period, I had been leading the team for training. No one supervised me, and no one told me the news of the club transfer. From beginning to end, I didn't know anything, because the transfer was all Vantone and Quanjian Group. Negotiations between the three parties with the Municipal Sports Bureau."

在新的一年的第六天,李伟峰和26名团队成员在昆明的红塔基地集会,并开始为冬季训练做准备。随后,新的冠状肺炎疫情的爆发和天海转移的闹剧使李伟峰第一次失去了控制感。 “在那段时期,我一直领导团队进行训练。没有人监督我,也没有人告诉我俱乐部转会的消息。从头到尾,我一无所知,因为转会全是万通和全建集团。三方与市体育局进行谈判。”

   In late March, Li Weifeng felt that the team was a little messy, because the club was reported on the Internet, and as long as there was trouble outside, the players would become very vulnerable and sensitive. "At that time, just in time for the worst epidemic situation in the country, we could only play in the practice ground downstairs, not going out. Everyone paid attention to the news of the team's transfer every day. I saw that the team had a problem, plus The start of the league is far away, and I simply pulled the team back to Tianjin."

3月下旬,李玮峰觉得球队有些混乱,因为俱乐部在互联网上被报道,而且只要外面有麻烦,球员就会变得非常脆弱和敏感。 “当时,正好赶上该国最严重的流行病形势,我们只能在楼下的练习场上比赛,不能外出。每个人每天都在关注车队调动的消息。我看到车队有一个问题,再加上联赛的起点很遥远,我只是将球队拉回了天津。”

After the team returned to Tianjin, Li Weifeng gave the players a 10-day holiday. When the team re-focused on training, someone reported that the team’s training had not been reported to the epidemic prevention department as required. The next day, the team’s training was blocked. Emergency stop. "Our coaches are enclosed in the base building. No one can leave the building. Everyone eats boxed lunches in their bases every day. They cannot eat normally as they did in the past." All the plans were disrupted, and Li Weifeng had a deep feeling. A deep sense of powerlessness.


When the team transfer was deadlocked, Li Weifeng and the coaches launched the first self-rescue operation. They jointly wrote a letter to the Chinese Football Association, urging the Football Association to approve Tianhai’s qualification for the Super League. On May 9, Li Weifeng posted on Weibo The team’s second letter of self-help was issued. However, three days later, Li Weifeng was waiting for the news of Tianhai’s dissolution. When he was frustrated, there was even a thought in his mind: Knowing that Tianhai would disband, why should I be a villain and demote my hometown team? The hometown team he was talking about was the Shenzhen Kaisa team.

球队转会陷入僵局时,李伟峰和教练们展开了首次自救行动。他们共同写信给中国足协,敦促足协批准天海获得中超联赛资格。 5月9日,李伟峰在微博上发布了该团队的第二份自助信。然而,三天后,李玮峰在等待天海解散的消息。当他感到沮丧时,他的脑海里甚至浮现出一个念头:知道天海将解散,我为什么要当反派并降级我的家乡球队?他所说的家乡队是深圳凯萨队。

   After Tianhai was disbanded, Li Weifeng blocked any football-related news, not watching news or watching games. However, during that time, he still had to deal with some domestic football clubs because he wanted to help Tianhai's little players find their homes. The first team of Tianhai has no worries about leaving home. Ten players including Pei Shuai, Zheng Dalun, Sun Ke, Zhang Lu, Mi Haolun, Zhang Yuan, Liu Yue, Xu Haofeng, Huang Ruifeng and South Korean player Song Zhuxun have joined the Shenzhen Kaisa team. .

天海解散后,李伟峰封锁了任何与足球有关的新闻,而不是看新闻或看比赛。然而,在那段时间里,他仍然不得不与一些国内足球俱乐部打交道,因为他想帮助天海的小球员找到自己的家。天海一线队不用担心出国。裴帅,郑大伦,孙可,张璐,米浩伦,张媛,刘悦,徐浩峰,黄瑞峰,韩国选手宋祝勋等十名球员都加入了深圳凯萨队。 。

   Li Weifeng, who doesn't ask for anything, uses his personal connections to help the team members find their next home. "The most lacking of the young players is the data. Their potential is not inferior to the others, but their data is a blank." Under his recommendation, the central defender now joined Chengdu Xingcheng, and He Youzu went to Guangzhou. R&F has also signed a well-paid contract.

不要求任何东西的李伟峰,利用自己的人脉关系帮助团队成员找到下一个家。 “年轻球员中最缺乏的是数据。他们的潜力并不逊色于其他球员,但他们的数据是空白。”在他的推荐下,中央后卫现在加入了成都兴城,何有祖去了广州。富力还签署了一份高薪合同。

"I saw Wang Xiaolong scored a goal in Xingcheng, Chengdu. Chu Jinzhao's father also happily called me and said that his son had started several games in a row. That's enough. What am I going to do? I want them to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival. Do you give me two boxes of mooncakes during the holidays? I just want to see them all have balls to play."

“我看到王小龙在成都兴城打进了一球。储金昭的父亲也高兴地打给我,说儿子连续打了几场比赛。够了。我该怎么办?我要他们度过中场。 -秋天的节日。您在假期期间给我两盒月饼吗?我只是想看看它们都可以玩。”



After Tianjin Tianhai was disbanded, Shen Zhen was the number one pick to make up for the Super League, and became the biggest buyer of Tianhai's "player supermarket". Li Weifeng's former love and his disciples went to Shenzhen one after another, which made him pay more attention to his hometown football. team.


   This season, Shenzhen Football Group has introduced 19 internal and foreign players. Among the top 16 Chinese Super League teams, it is the team with the largest lineup change. Li Weifeng specifically mentioned three of the players, "Three players are particularly positive and perform very well, one is goalkeeper Guowei, one is my brother Gao Lin, and the other is young player Dai Weijun." In his opinion, Shen Shen The introduction of Gao Lin from Guangzhou Evergrande and the introduction of Dai Weijun from the Premier League Wolves this season are the most successful signing operations, because these two players are the most cost-effective. In addition, Li Weifeng also mentioned central defender Qiao Wei and praised his attitude and hard work.


   Li Weifeng said that Shenzhen footballers should be grateful to Kaisa Group. It was their success in the 2016 season that gave this SAR team hope of revival. "Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen is a first-tier city. Shenzhen deserves to have a giant team." After the first stage of the league, the three teams from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou were promoted to the championship group and experienced a coaching change. In the end, he ranked fifth in Group A and entered the relegation group. Li Weifeng felt very sorry for this, "After spending so much money, did he get out of this ranking?"

李伟峰表示,深圳足球运动员应该感谢凯萨集团。正是他们在2016赛季中的成功为这支SAR团队带来了复兴的希望。 “北京,上海,广州和深圳是一线城市。深圳值得拥有一支庞大的团队。”联赛第一阶段结束后,来自北京,上海和广州的三支球队晋升为冠军组,并经历了教练更换。最后,他在A组中排名第五,并进入保级组。李伟峰对此感到非常抱歉,“花了那么多钱,他脱离了这个排名吗?”

As the champion of the year, Li Weifeng has reason to ask such questions. He said: "Someone always asks me what is the most memorable thing in my playing time. My answer is that in 2004, the Shenzhen team won the championship with arrears of wages. Our time All the players have a sense of loyalty. When the team owes wages, we can’t say to the outside world that we still have to play well. We’ve owed wages for eight months. We have left a heavy championship trophy for the city."


In Li Weifeng’s eyes, only money is not enough to build a giant team. “The team also needs to build its own culture and inheritance. Players must have a sense of belonging to the team and cannot regard themselves as one. Passing by in a hurry. In our era, the players placed their homes in Shenzhen, like Li Yi, Wang Hongwei, Chen Yongqiang, Xiang Jun, Li Fei and me. We all regarded Shenzhen as our home. When Trussier led the Shenzhen team The club also owes salaries. The team was so poor at that time, but the kids he brought with him played so much on the field. If Old Special had such good conditions then, I guess he could make the team play the game. Come."

在李伟峰眼中,只有钱还不足以组建一支庞大的团队。 “团队还需要建立自己的文化和传承。玩家必须具有对团队的归属感,不能将自己视为一个团队。匆匆路过。在我们这个时代,球员们像李毅,王宏伟,陈永强,项俊,李飞和我一样在深圳安家。我们都把深圳当作我们的家。当Trussier带领深圳队时,俱乐部也欠薪。当时的球队很穷,但是他带来的孩子们在球场上玩得那么多。如果Old Special具备如此良好的条件,那么我想他可以让球队发挥作用。来。”

In Shenzhen, there has always been a voice looking forward to the return of Li Weifeng, "It is a particularly good wish for me to return to Shenzhen, but it is not that it must be very important for me to come back. Can the club find the heroes who love deeply? Come, really do something for the team? Today, I especially hope to see the success of the relegation of my hometown team this season. I hope that the Shenzhen team will win the championship next season and achieve good results because my home is here."




   After experiencing the failure of Tianhai’s transfer and the team’s dissolution, Li Weifeng regards this experience as a piece of life


   Wealth, in the past tragic years, he knitted thorns into a crown.


   In the future, Li Weifeng will continue to work in football. Whether he is a manager or a coach, he said that there is no conflict between the two and he can switch between the two roles. In his opinion, the temperament of a head coach determines the temperament of the team. If he leads the team again, the team will definitely be infused with an iron spirit that will never admit defeat.


Wang Hongwei, an old friend who works at the Evergrande Football School, specially rushed to the hotel to meet Li Weifeng and recount the old times. The two words Li Weifeng said the most to his brother was "let down". Not only did he let go of the "idol burden" on his body, he could live with him for years Chairman You Jian Mangen appeared in the small noodle restaurant, "Two people spent 79 yuan to eat a bowl of noodles." He also let go of those who had hurt him. He stood at a higher place than them, and could pay more. Yuyu looked at them with a good mood.


   Li Weifeng has entered the age of no confusion. Today, he can afford it, put it down, can throw it, and pick it up. Although he has a fierce heart, he can also put down his body and sniff the rose. The worst thing he has experienced, the future will not be bad. Just like the German proverb: It's dark, so you can see the stars.




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