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Arsenal and Liverpool have won the last two encounters. In the end, it sounded quite a boost, but if you really want to care about the situation and technical statistics, it looks a little mad. In Arteta's tactical system, defense is the foundation of a family's life. The focus is to fill up the space, while the offense relies on the left corridor to open the gap, relying on a fatal blow. In fact, Arteta has won the Community Shield and the FA Cup one after another for more than half a season in office, and his opponents are all based on the tough stubbles of Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea.


In today's game, Arsenal was suffocated by Liverpool in their own half, and they could not bounce back at all. It was like a contest between two teams. The reason is that Klopp has suffered two boring losses in a row, and he has naturally pondered the tactics of Arteta. After all, there are only three things. Furthermore, Arsenal’s counterattack was not executed resolutely. Both Aubameyang and Tierney in the left corridor were present, and the implementation did not seem to be thorough. Arteta’s tactics in this field gave people the feeling that they were just put. Full marks of homework, but he is reluctant to copy...


Since Arteta used the three-guard system, the frontal advancement of the opponent is no longer a nightmare for the Gunners. Without the ultimate passing skills and skilful cooperation, he wants to take advantage of the Gunners' defense. Compared with the late Emery, But it's not so easy and happy. Liverpool have always been bad at tearing up defenses. The team lacks anything in the midfield, that is, the passer who penetrates the heart is not very wealthy, and the Gunners set their positions and the space is filled, the Reds really have no way of talking. .

由于Arteta使用了三后卫系统,因此对手的正面前进不再是炮手的噩梦。没有最终的传球技巧和熟练的合作,他想利用枪手的防守优势。与已故的金刚砂相比,它并不是那么容易和快乐。利物浦一直不擅长撕毁防守。球队在中场上什么都没有,也就是说,穿透心脏的传球人不是很富有,而枪手们设定了位置,并且空间被填补了,红军真的没有话可说。 。

So Liverpool’s core strategy in this game is to prevent Arsenal from covering the defensive area. What Klopp thinks is that after you are fully armed, it really doesn't hurt if I hit you, then I'll wait for you to throw away your helmet and abandon your armor, and then hit your nose and eyes. Specifically on the field, Liverpool’s high-ranking press is very presumptuous. The tridents in the frontcourt are all pressed near the bottom line of Arsenal’s halftime, forcing the Gunners to pass and go. After all, in today’s football, Klopp’s team Probably the team that is most able to switch offense and defense.


Once Arsenal is in position and the defensive density makes it impossible to penetrate the offensive line, Liverpool will give up pressing and use a large-scale shift to mobilize the Gunners' defensive center of gravity, tear out the vacuum zone of the wing, and then use Arnold, Robertson, and Fan. Dyke's long pass found Mane and Salah and let them go heads-up to create opportunities.


This is the most venomous aspect of Klopp in this game. The upgrade of Arsenal's defense is based on Arteta's defensive system, but when it comes to single defense capabilities, the Gunners and many defensive players can only be silent. In the face of opponents’ breakthroughs last season, Arsenal successfully defended 202 times, ranking third from the bottom in the Premier League...This is why Holding played so painfully this game, tortured by Mane, and Liverpool equalized. The goal, foreplay was also because Salah wiped Tierney.


The defensive system has been stepped on by seven inches, which is not fatal. Arteta’s two champions are also sheltered from wind and rain. The defensive toughness of the team will not be destroyed in a single blow. What really makes Arsenal helpless is that , The Gunners’ offense has never been combined, and there are only 4 shots in the game. The connection between the signature Tierney and Aubameyang is always in a state of no signal. Tierney made 57 passes in the game. Over the long pass to find Aubameyang only 2 times, the direct result is that Aubameyang shot 0 goals.


Gomez and Arnold locked Aubameyang on one side, and more importantly, Arteta was determined to organize the offense through the transmission of Xhaka. Zhaka touched the ball 43 times in this field. Apart from the defenders, Arsenal had the most touches. In order for Xhaka to be able to deal with it calmly, Arteta asked him to partner with Ernene. After the game with Fulham, he said that Xhaka has always been shocked with the ball in the backcourt, so he behaved like The setters on the volleyball court all handed over to Ernene. This is also why the Arsenal midfielder was able to connect so seamlessly with Fulham.


In this game, Liverpool’s cleverness is that they always put a seal on the passing route to Ernene, forcing Xhaka to pick up one job after another, and the Red Army’s frontcourt is far behind Fuller. Above the ham, so Xhaka naturally began to broadcast horror films again with the ball, thrilling.


In fact, judging from the fact that Ceballos can give Lacazette a single-handed ball on the field, the Spaniard is indeed more effective than Zaka in the case of letting go, but Arteta has his own ideal side. After Klopp has polished Liverpool and matured, although there were wins and losses, but Arsenal can really form a rivalry with the Red Army on the scene, only the first leg of the 2018-2019 season drew with Liverpool 1:1. In that game, Xhaka relied on Torreira's pull to escape the encirclement of Liverpool's frontcourt. Through his organization, Arsenal got 62% of the ball.


Therefore, against a strong team like Liverpool, the important factor for victory is the ability of Aubameyang and Lacazette to seize opportunities, and the most important thing to fight against them is Xhaka's personal performance. In a game like the Community Shield, Arteta is willing to put down his body to play a bit more utilitarian, but in the away game to challenge the defending champion, Arteta is somewhat idealistic. This kind of loss is within the range of tolerance. In the game, he is willing to take the risk to grab some scenes with his opponent, even if he is defeated. After all, just relying on the idea of ​​the left corridor can really damage the opponent, but it is not a long-term solution.


From Liverpool to near the bottom line, Arsenal still insisted on passing the ball to advance. It can be seen that Arteta's ambition is far more than that. The last time Arsenal completely crushed Liverpool on the scene was probably the time when the Gunners defeated the Reds 2-0 in the first leg of the 2013-2014 season. At that time, Zhang Lu mentioned in his summary that, compared to Liverpool's players, Arsenal's players are all playing with their heads up.


The so-called kicking with the head raised can be understood as a very purposeful and reasonable handling of the ball. Judging from the first three rounds of this season, the big win over Fulham and the narrow victory over West Ham all held possession of the ball in their hands. Today, when we met Liverpool, even if there is a significant gap in hard power, we have to fight. Control of the field. Hmm... What Arteta wants to build is a team that always controls the rhythm of the game in his own hands, regardless of the opponent's quality. It can probably be summed up as an Arsenal who can play with their heads up again.

所谓抬头踢球可以理解为对球的非常有目的和合理的处理。从本赛季的前三轮比赛来看,对富勒姆的大胜和对西汉姆的小胜都将球掌握在了手中。今天,当我们遇到利物浦时,即使在硬实力上存在巨大差距,我们也必须战斗。控制领域。嗯... Arteta想要组建的团队始终控制自己的比赛节奏,无论对手的素质如何。可以概括为一个可以再次抬起头来的阿森纳。

No, Arteta is a low-key representative as a player, but after becoming a coach, he is like a full-fledged careerist. Coincidentally, in the last player era, he was very greedy for tactics and honor. Guardiola. Arteta was really embarrassed to lose this game, but even so, he has to implement his ideal tactics to the end. Coincidentally, the last one was full of idealism, even if his head was beaten and he did not waver. ... Wenger.

不,阿尔塔塔(Arteta)是一名低调的球员代表,但是当上教练后,他就像一个成熟的职业主义者。巧合的是,在上一个球员时代,他对战术和荣誉感到非常贪婪。瓜迪奥拉。 Arteta输掉这场比赛真的很尴尬,但是即使如此,他也必须坚持自己的理想策略。巧合的是,最后一个充满了理想主义,即使他的头被打了并且没有动摇。温格。

This is probably why Guardiola and Wenger are optimistic about Arteta!


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