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It's been a long time since AC Milan had a wonderful start like this season. The team has won two consecutive victories with zero seals, and won a good start to Serie A for the first time in three years. However, when the Rossoneri were about to make a big fight, the variables came suddenly-on the evening of September 24, Beijing time, the club officially announced that the team’s 39-year-old veteran Ibrahimovic was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. For this young team For the team, everyone knows what this means. At the beginning of the new season, Milan has encountered major challenges, but it is a blessing to lose sight of it. Perhaps this time the variables will accelerate the growth of the Red and Black Youth Army.


Five hours after the news of Ibrahimovic’s diagnosis came out, Milan quickly adjusted their status and invested in another Europa League qualifying battle. This time, due to Ibrahim’s isolation of Rebic’s suspension, the team only had three squads Famous strikers, they are 18-year-old Colombo and Maldini, and 25-year-old Castillejo. In the end, the Rossoneri defeated Norwegian powerhouse Bodglit 3-2 and successfully advanced to the play-offs.


The way Milan wins is quite thrilling, but it is far from difficult. After all, the Rossoneri are traditional giants with a total worth of 400 million euros. Although their opponents have no rivals in the Premier League, they are at best a total worth less than The rise of 10 million euros is a dark horse. Pioli’s team lost the ball at the start, but quickly relied on Charhanoglu’s goal to equalize the score. After that, the Turks shined in the audience and completed a pass and a shot. The first starter Kolombo became Milan. The youngest scorer in the past 8 years.


If it weren’t for Milan’s succession of wasting single-handed opportunities, and if the opponent didn’t explode the world wave, the game would not have been suspense at the last minute, but the problem exposed by the Rossoneri is the fact-the first goal conceded came from the right of the team. Road, not so much Calabria's loss of position, it is better to say that the key point is the pressure from the front court from the beginning. When Ibrahimovic was not on the court, Milan gave the opponent's frontcourt pressure the visible weakening, which caused the midfielder to be more energy on defense.


Some fans may say that in the early quarter-finals Ibrahimovic’s absence, Milan also intended to draw with Juventus and defeat Roma in the league, but today’s situation cannot be compared to that at the time. After all, three months ago, captain Romagnoli was still in the battle. In, Rebic and Leon were also enough to disrupt the situation, and Milan did not have much pressure at the time. Now that the team's goal is to hit the Champions League, it is doomed that players cannot "free themselves".


Before the start of the season, people can already clarify the fact that Milan can become the leader of Serie A in 2020, and Ibrahimovic has contributed. The Swedish tower gives the team not only technical and tactical bonuses, but also the injection of leadership and ambition, which Pioli did not possess. In other words, the Milan coach can maintain stability in the tactical arrangement, but the team is playing crazy and cannot do without Ibrahimovic.


Just imagine, when a group of children who have never seen the world encounter a key problem, what will they do? There is a high probability that they will look at each other, and then watch the situation worsen, and when the big brother is present, everything will look different. Big brother once, it is leadership, but also a sense of security, as long as you carefully observe the look of the Milan players, you will find that they have a heartfelt respect for Ibrahimovic. Age is not the key, experience and aura dominate the mental attributes of the team.


Therefore, Ibrahimovic is the guarantee of Milan’s lower limit and an important part of the team’s stability. Think back to the most exciting moments of Milan in the second half of last season. One was the first half of the Milan derby and the other was the second half of Juventus. In these two games, Ibrahimovic played the leading role. Around Ibrahimovic, Rebic is able to give full play to his spoiler attributes, and Charhanoglu, Teo, even Castillejo, and Salmarkers can get enough space to gallop, and the three-dimensional attack is just a matter of course.


In the first two games of the season, Milan can often play a high-speed attack that tears the line of defense with two or two feet. This kind of scene was almost impossible for Milan a year ago. The data can better reflect the importance of Ibrahimovic. From 2020 to the present, the Rossoneri have grabbed 48 league points, the highest in the same period. Before Ibrahimovic returned, Pioli's rescue was not very effective, and he also suffered 0 Big defeat than 5 Atlanta.


In fact, we can understand the importance of Ibrahimovic as long as we compare the scenes of Kolombo playing the single arrow and Ibrahimovic playing the single arrow. The fourth in the league is a long battle, and the backbone can never be replaced.


When Ibrahimovic renewed his contract, Milan fans were ecstatic, but other fans poured cold water-relying on a nearly 40-year-old veteran, how to talk about revival? Such a theory certainly means that outsiders cannot be in the situation, but it also points to a problem for Milan-Ibrahimovic can rely on it, but do you have to rely on it for the entire season? After a season or two?


If Milan successfully enters the Europa League main match, it is bound to face a week of double matches for most of the season. With Ibrahimovic’s age and physical state, it is open to question whether the first round of the league will determine the victory and the full game. A fantasy, let alone the possibility of injury. Therefore, Milan must adapt to the rhythm without Ibrahimovic, at least during Ibrahimovic's occasional shift, young people can hold up the sky of San Siro.


This time Ibrahimovic suffered from the new crown, so Milan forced to adapt to the state without Ibrahimovic in advance. According to Maldini, the god of asymptomatic infection may return within a week, and even if the normal flow is quarantined for 14 days, God can rush to join the team in mid-October. During this period, Milan's three opponents were Crotone, Avi and Spezia. They were not too strong, and they were able to win by relying on young people.


For Milan, if Ibrahimovic is unavoidable from the new crown, then this is a relatively positive time point. The next opponent is not strong. It is suitable for Milan to practice pen, explore the potential of Ibrahimovic and understand the problem. In the battle with Bodglint, the lack of personnel reserves of the team's central defenders and strikers has been very obvious. The inexperienced shortcomings of young people such as Colombo and Maldini have also been exposed. The Rossoneri still has enough time to repair. line-up.

对于米兰来说,如果易卜拉欣莫维奇从新一届冠冕中不可避免,那么这是一个相对积极的时间点。下一个对手不强。适合米兰练习钢笔,发掘易卜拉欣莫维奇的潜力并理解问题的人。在与Bodglint的战斗中,球队中央后卫和前锋的人手储备不足非常明显。年轻人(如科伦坡和马尔蒂尼)的经验不足也已暴露出来。 Rossoneri仍然有足够的时间进行维修。排队。

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Without Ibrahimovic is absolutely impossible, but Ibrahimovic is not omnipotent. If Milan wants to fight for four, it is imperative to have a mature play style when Ibrahimovic is not on the court. For the Rossoneri, this is a time A huge test is also an opportunity. At least until the first tough battle of the season, the Milan Derby, the team has enough time to find problems. At that time, with God's victory over the new crown, a Milan from immature to mature and more resistant to pressure will appear in front of the world.


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