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The fourth phase of the Chinese national men's football team this year may also be the last training session currently being held in Shanghai. Affected by the epidemic, Chinese fans will probably not see this “new


Behind the daily "Dual Biao" English


When we are all feeling that the current national football is "one generation is not as good as one generation", it is not a complete denial of current players. Putting aside personal abilities, personal skills and personal characteristics, among the many qualities of these international players, there is actually one thing that has been greatly improved compared to the past, that is, language and foreign communication skills.


There is such a lens. In the Premier League last weekend, the most surprising thing was that Manchester United and Liverpool both lost disastrously. In the current national team, there are two assistant coaches from the United Kingdom, namely assistant coach Colin Cooper and physical exchange Adrian Lamb. The day after the "Double Reds" fiasco, the fiasco was of course a hot topic among the international footballers, and it was natural to communicate with the two British teaching assistants. From the hotel aisle to the elevator, when many international footballers saw the two assistants, in addition to greetings, they talked about the fiasco of the "two heroes". The goalkeeper Dong Chunyu even talked directly with Lamb in English in the elevator.


This is actually one of the qualities of the current internationals. Don't simply think that they only know money. In the current national team, there are many players who have had overseas experience. For example, Zhang Yuning can get a chance to play in the Netherlands, relying on a very good English foundation since childhood. The English of other N players is also quite good, which creates conditions for them to communicate with others. Therefore, although the Chinese of two naturalized players like Jiang Guangtai and Li Ke may not be very good, because they can speak authentic English, after coming to the national team, there is no barrier to communication with teammates or the coaching staff. Compared with many old national players in the old national team, the English is basically "zero", which is actually a significant improvement.


In addition to English, Portuguese may be the "third official language" of the national team. Because there are two naturalized players from Brazil, Exon and Fernando, plus Luo Guofu and Alan, the other two naturalized players who can play on behalf of the national team at any time, they will only be the simplest "Hello "Thank you" and other Chinese, more often still cannot do without Portuguese, so players like Wei Shihao, Yu Dabao and others who have broken through Portugal have their abilities.


If you carefully observe the daily life of the national team, you will find such shots from time to time. The two naturalized players like Exon and Fernando are more likely to walk or stay with Yu Dabao and Wei Shihao because of the little language exchange. Accessible. This may be one aspect of why the head coach


And when naturalized players like Jiang Guangtai and Li Ke are with naturalized players like Fernando and Exxon, because Fernando and Exxon168彩票官方网站’s English is not very bright, the exchanges between them are still There are some problems, so Wei Shihao has a new "role". Wei Shihao, who has been abroad in Portugal for more than five years, has no problem communicating in Portuguese. Although English is not particularly good, he has learned a lot during his time in Portugal. The most important thing is that he is courageous and dare to speak, so he can be absent from the translator. Under the circumstances, it directly acts as a translator.


I have to say that although the current composition of the national team is much more complicated than before. In addition to local players, there are naturalized and naturalized players, but overall communication is not a big problem. In addition to the players themselves possessing certain foreign language skills, the Football Association has also specially equipped the national team with two full-time translators, namely Zhang Tengfei and He Zhenglong, one is a full-time Portuguese translator and the other is an English translator. Coupled with the fact that many young people in the logistics management team of the national team also have a good level of English, this solves the basic communication problem.


In fact, when Li Tie took over as the head coach of the national team, the experience of breaking into England made Li Tie very different from the previous local coaches of the national team. Although Li Tie also needed an interpreter when he first broke into England, as time went by, there was basically no obstacle for Li Tie to communicate with foreigners in English. Among his coaches, the best English is of course goalkeeper Ou Chuliang, who has begun to focus on learning English in the athlete's era. There are also physical coaches


People who learn or know a foreign language may feel more profoundly, that is, their way of thinking and thinking is more open than those who do not know a foreign language, and they accept more things first-hand rather than through translation "Second-hand goods" obtained. If he does not know a foreign language and what he learns is obtained through translation, the level of translation determines the ceiling of what he learns. Therefore, when many “keyboard guys” are addicted to the Internet, mocking the national football team or the national football team, perhaps they have not considered that their cognition and knowledge do not match the coaches, national football team and the national football team. It’s just self-happiness, or some kind of "rhythmic".


The most worth mentioning is Xue Shen. In order to be a good physical coach, he spent more than 100,000 to study in the United States at his own expense. You know, if you want to learn something in the United States, you first need to pass the English test. Therefore, before going to the United States, Xue Shen studied English for a period of time, and then continued to study English and physical training after arriving in the United States.


During this training session for the national team in Shanghai, it is worth noting that due to the impact of the epidemic, the British assistant coaches Lamb and Cooper of the national football team arrived in Shanghai from the UK before the training session. After receiving the necessary isolation Reappeared in the national team. Every day before the start of training, the coaching staff and staff of the national team will come to the training venue one hour in advance to make preparations and equipment placement before training. As a physical fitness coach Xue Shen will communicate and communicate with the British physical fitness coach Adrian Lamb in advance. After the training starts, if it is relatively simple, it will be taken by Lamb; if it is relatively complex, it will be taken by Xue Shen. Because it is more complicated, Xue Shen often needs to remind the players during the training process. It is obviously easier to accept and understand the players in Chinese. This is why Xue Shen and Lamb will communicate with each other alone on the training ground before training every day, and there is no obstacle between them in English.

在本次上海国家队训练期间,值得注意的是,由于这一流行病的影响,国家足球队的英国助理教练兰姆和库珀在训练之前从英国抵达上海。收到必要的隔离后,重新出现在国家队中。训练开始前的每一天,教练组和国家队工作人员将提前一个小时到达训练场地,为训练前做好准备和设备摆放。作为健身教练,薛申将提前与英国健身教练Adrian Lamb进行交流。训练开始后,如果比较简单,则由兰姆(Lamb)进行;如果比较复杂的话,薛申会采取。由于更为复杂,因此在训练过程中,雪神经常需要提醒球员。显然,接受和理解中文玩家更加容易。这就是为什么雪神和羔羊每天在训练之前会在训练场上互相交流,并且他们之间没有英语障碍。

To a certain extent, this is also the need for the development of modern football. For young local coaches in China, proficiency in at least one foreign language can better truly understand and understand the connotation of modern football. This is probably a minimum requirement. And requirements. This is also the biggest difference between the national football coaching team headed by Li Tie and the previous local coaching team. Of course, it can also be said to be a "new" word.


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