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Liverpool coach Klopp talked about the team’s transfer issue and Henderson’s injury in the pre-match press conference against Aston Villa. He said: “There is nothing to say about Brewster, Heng Desen’s injury has healed."


"There is nothing to announce, so I have nothing to say. Maybe the press conference is too early."


"How many people do I expect to leave the team? No. From the perspective of the transfer market and the fans, it's about who you bring in, but the team lineup is the most important part of the club. It will give the boys a feeling that they are It is needed in the right place."


"We have to find a solution that suits the individual situation. Sometimes it's on loan, sometimes the club wants to buy players. It has nothing to do with the number of teams, but about whether the player does not feel that he has the opportunity to play, then we have to talk talk."


"All our requirements for VAR are clear, and that is to make the right decision. It is important that we make the rules as simple as possible. There is still some work to do before we find a truly clear way. And we Now the way to explain offside is not very cool."


"There will be tricky and strange decisions in the future. I know the referees don't want to do this, but they have to follow the rules. Dell's ball is currently handball because it is the rule."


"If we want to hit the Premier League this season, then we have to improve, because everyone else is improving."


"During the transfer period, all teams have become stronger and Aston Villa is one of them. Traore and Barkley are both top signings."


"Curtis Jones has improved in both football and personal level. He has matured. We are really happy that he is by our side. Curtis Jones is an appropriate part of the lineup. An achievement. He is ahead of his peers, England U21 is the game he should participate in."


"These teams are here because they are good teams. Over the past few years, Atlanta has been a surprising team and has stabilized there. Ajax also has a sensational youth training. Famous for development."


"This is a very interesting group, let's take a look. I can't wait to analyze the opponent next week. It's an interesting way, a completely different way. So we want to make sure to prepare for them."


"Brewster was indeed injured. He had an excellent half-season in Swansea and scored for us in the preseason. If Brewster is 25 or 26 years old, then he can wait for the opportunity. But with him When I was young, things were different."


"Henderson will participate in training today, and we will see. He has no problems, his muscle problems are healed, and there are no injuries at the moment. Now we have to see if he can take the next step, which is important for our weekend The significance of the game is not yet clear."


"Obviously, Henderson will take advantage of the time of the national team to adapt to the game. Before the start of the season, he only received four to five days of training."


"I don't want to sound disrespectful, because we don't know what other countries are doing. But you definitely want your family to be with you at such a time, and the football team is the same. I am a little worried. At present, there are very many contacts with football associations around the world. difficult."


"We sent the players away, and the Premier League and broadcasters are still adding challenges to us because they don't care about it. I'm not ranting, but it's difficult. It would be nice to give us more help from time to time."


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